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Looking for an inspirational mentor? Here’s the story of the great mentor of mentors, his early life, desperate lows and how he changed his life to become who he was born to be – a magnet of success and the mentor of mentors for great teachers like Tony Robbins and T Harvekar, Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracy, and Jack Canfield and millions of others. JIM ROHN IS ONE OF THE MOST ARTICULATE MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKERS YOU COULD EVER LISTEN TO. hIS QUOTES ARE SO POWERFUL THAT IT WILL GET YOU THINKING ABOUT YOUR GOALS IN A VERY SERIOUS WAY. BELOW WE HAVE PUT TOGETHER SOME POWERFUL AND PROFOUND JIM ROHN QUOTES FOR YOU TO TAKE HOME.

His lowest point

At 25, Jim Rohn was married and worked at the Sears department store. Jim also was an evangelical preacher. He was not earning much at that time and did not save money. He was also in debt and had creditors constantly chasing him to collect the debt. 

 When Jim Rohn was at home one day,  the door knocked. He opened the door and it was a girls scout team selling cookies. After the pitch, Jim wanted to help them out however, he did not have $2 to spare. He didn’t want to admit to the girls that he didn’t have the money to donate. So he lied by telling them that he still had a lot of cookies from other girls scout groups who had previously visited. The girls left. 

Jim decided that he never wanted to live that way again.

His turning point

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Jim Rohn attended a talk by then popular business man and speaker, John Earl Shoaff. 

Earl Shoaf was a popular motivational speaker at the time. He never finished school, never went to college and went straight to work for a cleaning company. After war, he started a cleaning company, sold it and then worked in a department store until, just like Rohn, came across a success lecture by  J. B. (James Breckenridge) Jones, the owner of AbundaVita, a multi-level supplements marketing company. Earl joined Abunda Vita and rose through the ranks. Earl was the Vice President of Abunda Vita, a multi-level vitamins marketing company to become Vice President of Abunda Vita. Earl inspired Jim to change his philosophy on the way he looked at life and earning money.

From age 25, through Earl Shoaff’s teachings Jim Rohn started on a new journey. Jim signed up with AbundaVita as a distributor and for the next five years Earl mentored Jim and taught him the basic principles of wealth in a very simple manner. 

Jim’s success plan

“Profit is better than wages. Once I learnt that I became rich. Wages make you a living. Profits make you a fortune.”

Earl and his business partners went on to start another vitamin supplement company – Nutri-Bio. Jim Rohn followed Earl into the company, eventually becoming the Vice President of Nutri-Bio. Jim’s evangelical preaching skills came to use in influencing the masses to join Nutri-Bio as distributors. His charisma could hold crowds for long periods of time. He sold the Nuti-Bio life as a way of living. He became a millionaire in 6 years.

At age 49, Earl Shoaf died suddenly.

His road to Success

“Your income is directly related to your philosophy, not the economy.”

Jim used Earl’s basic principles to change his attitude towards life and wealth. The principles that changed his life are:

  1. Your income is directly related to your philosophy, not the economy.
  2. It’s not what happens. It’s what you do about it.
  3. What you have at the moment, you’ve attracted by the person you’ve become.
  4. To have more, you simply have to become more.
  5. Don’t wish it was easier. Wish you were better.
  6. Don’t wish for less problems. Wish for more skills.
  7. Once you set your goal, you need to change who you are to become the person it takes who can achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

By age 31, Jim Rohn had become a millionaire. But he also lost all his wealth because he had learnt how to make money, but did not know how to keep it. It wasn’t too long before he earned his millionaire status again through public speaking, selling motivation tapes and books.

Jim Rohn sadly passed away in 2009. 

Jim’s story does not end here

Jim’s teachings continue to influence many to change their health, happiness and their bank accounts. Through his principles on life and money as a foundation, many have gone on to become millionaires and even billionaires. 

And so I won’t conclude this blog. Being a big fan of Jim and his teachings, I will continue adding teachings and profound Jim Rohn quotes as and when I find them. 


Jim Rohn’s quotes on success

Source: The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle

‘Change comes from one of two forces. First, we may be driven to change out of desperation. The second source that drives us to make changes in our lives is inspiration.’

‘In the end, our lives will be judged not by the things that we began, but by the things that our effort and resolve brought to a successful conclusion.’

‘The way that each of us thinks makes the major difference in where each of us arrives.

The major difference is not the circumstance, the major difference is the set of the sail.’

‘All of our counter-productive beliefs and choices are the result of years of accumulating misinformation. 

‘Since it is virtually impossible to identify and erase all of the misleading information in our mental computers, the only way to change our thinking habits is to input new information.’

Jim Rohn Quotes on Self Discipline

‘It is the small disciplines that lead to great accomplishments.’

‘The early inspiration that comes from the practice of new and simple disciplines will start a process called “soaring self worth” It does not matter how small or how insignificant the activity is because it is within those obscure but important disciplines that the great opportunities exist.’

Weaving the future in our minds first

‘Whatever the mind has the capacity to imagine, it also has the ability to create.’

‘All things must be finished before they can be started.’

Everything in the world around us was finished in the mind of its creator before it was started.

‘There is a very special emotional magic that takes place when we design the future and set new goals with a specific purpose in mind.’

‘The more clearly we see the vision of the future the more we are able to borrow from its inspiration.’

‘It is possible to plan our future so carefully and so clearly that when the plan is complete, we can become so inspired by it, it will become our “magnificent obsession”.’

‘The challenge is to let this obsession fuel the fire that heats our talent and our skills to the boiling point so that we are propelled into a whole new future.’

‘Every time we choose action over ease or labor over rest, we develop an increasing level of self-worth, self-respect and self-confidence.’

‘Everything has its price and everything has its pain, but the price and the pain become easy when the promise becomes strong.’

‘Finally, we must use the power of our imagination. We must ponder all that is possible.’

Jim Rohn Quotes on Affirmations:

‘We must remember that discipline is a requirement for progress, and that affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion.’

‘There is nothing wrong with affirmations provided we remember two important rules. First, we should never allow affirmations to replace action. Feeling better is no substitute for doing better. And second, whatever we affirm must be the truth.’

A man looking through a crystal ball and seeing an upside down reality. Reality is always the best beginning.
Reality is always the best beginning.

‘Within reality is the possibility of our own personal miracle. The power of faith starts with reality. It we bring ourselves to state the truth about ourselves and our circumstances, then the truth will set us free. Once we finally understand and accept the truth, the promise of the future is then freed from the shackles of deception which held it in bondage.’

‘We must remind ourselves that to do what is possible we must sometimes challenge ourselves with the impossible.’

Jim Rohn Quotes on the seasons of Life

‘Results are the harvest that comes from our past efforts.’

‘Results are always in direct proportion to effort.’

‘The opportunity of springtime is brief.’

‘For things to change, we must change… that is one of life’s fundamentals.’

 ‘The law of sowing and reaping tells us that to reap in the fall we must first plant in the spring. We must use the summer to help the plants to grow by guarding against the certain invasion of the devouring insects and the strangling weeds. We must continue our activity in spite of our current needs, The harvest will surely come, but it will come in its own due season.’

Jim Rohn is a gem that many generations of today have not had the privilege to meet. However, we are still so lucky to have his stories, parables, principles and his disciples spreading his teachings. And we always have Jim Rohn quotes that we can stick up on our vision boards, our walls and mirrors, to remind of these absolute pearls of wisdom.