10 steps to outsource and run your AMAZON Fba business in 2021

A man using his laptop to run an Amazon FBA business

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Amazon FBA has become one of the most versatile ways today to start a business in a small and flexible way. It is one of the greatest avenues to get into business if you only have a small capital of $2000 or more. 

One of the best parts about Amazon is that you can do business from anywhere in the world and trade your goods within any markets like US, UK, Australia or Canada. Amazon has enabled millions around the world achieve success by recruiting them as merchants for their Fulfilled by merchant and Fulfilled by Amazon services. 

Fulfilled by Merchant is a model within Amazon where a merchant can procure products, list them on Amazon and fulfill it by themselves without the help of Amazon’s mammoth infrastructure. The responsibility to fulfill orders in a satisfactory way lies with the merchant.  It is easy for a merchant to fulfill their product if they deal with small volumes of sales in a day and showcase only a limitedl range of products. But if the volume of sales increases or if the product range needs to be expanded, fulfillment becomes more complex and needs to be handled by experts like a 3PL service who have the capacity to handle all processes of fulfilling an order. 

 Fulfilled by Amazon is a model where the merchant can create listings on Amazon but can organize for the goods to be sent from the production facility to one of Amazon’s many warehouses around the world depending on the market they are trading in. Once an order is made by a customer on Amazon through the listing created by the merchant, the order is fulfilled by Amazon’s warehouses, where the product is housed. This service gives the merchant the convenience of only focussing only on :

  • the product development
  • the listing 
  • marketing and selling the products

Within the Fulfilled by Amazon program, Amazon does the heavy lifting of logistics and makes it extremely convenient for their sellers who can focus on their core strengths and outsource their weaknesses. Logistics is a time consuming and expensive affair if the merchant does not have the right infrastructure in place. Amazon has designed and built a very complex infrastructure to handle large volumes of orders a day. It is easy for a merchant to fulfill their product if they have small volumes of sales and small range of products. But if they plan to increase sales and product selection but don’t have easy access to a fulfilling expert then Amazon FBA is the way to go.

Being the conductor of your business

Once you decide on choosing Amazon as the platform to conduct business, you can apply for a seller central account. After verifying your identity, Amazon may choose to activate your account. Then you are free to start your Amazon business.

There is a lot of coordination required in developing a product and organizing for it to reach Amazon’s warehouse where it will wait till it’s ready to sell. One of the best parts about an Amazon business is the ability to coordinate the different processes through different people who are experts in their fields. The seller cannot be expected to know about everything – design, SEO, create amazing photos or videos. 

Many new sellers choose to undertake all the activities themselves and learn as they go through the process of getting their products live and selling their first batch of products. Once they start making money, instead of doing everything by themselves, the seller can get each part of this puzzle solved by experts in their fields. 

There will be areas where you are not an expert in your business. There will also be areas in your business where you may be great with your skill, but you have no interest in the specific area. It is best to outsource these areas to an expert and spend your time on what you are great at.

Here are the 10 steps to run your Amazon FBA business smartly through experts and freelancers on a platform like Fiverr. 

Here are the experts and freelancers featured in this post and the links to their profiles on Fiverr are:


THE Experts:

1. Product research

The first step to starting an Amazon business is to research products that you are interested in selling. Ideally, it is best to stick to product categories that you are really interested in. Problem is not all product categories are the same. One other issue is competition. The total number of established sellers within a category presents a great challenge of competition. So it really helps to research products intelligently and to be uber selective in choosing the right product. 

  • Profit margin and cash flow

The devil is in the details. The two details that matter most are profit margin and cash flow. Just like most businesses, profit margin is an aspect that will make or break a business on Amazon. More than any other businesses it is incredibly hard to control your profit margin in Amazon because of the immense amount of competition and also the other charges of storing your product in Amazon’s warehouse. 

Tools to help you find the right products on Amazon

There is an art to finding the right product on Amazon. The factors to keep in mind are demand, search queries and competition. Thankfully there are great tools out there to calculate the demand and competition within each product or category. However, just like any tool, there is a learning curve involved in using these tools. 

One great way to get around this is to outsource this, by finding the best expert on a tool like Fiverr. You can choose to hire an expert from Fiverr to conduct a product research activity for you. Hiring an expert on Fiverr is easy. Simply go to Fiverr.com and type in ‘Amazon FBA product research’ and you will be presented with all the options of experts in the field. 

Here is an example:

Once the research comes up, go through the listings of experts and research on their experience. You can also skim through the search page with all the expert listings. Through a quick skim, you can easily pick out the best experts by short listing them through the ratings. Generally, the higher their ratings are, the more you can trust them with the job or ‘gig’ as Fiverr calls it. 

With a quick scan of the first page of the search results, it is easy to determine the best experts that could help with the gig. 

To conduct an Amazon FBA product research, m_Usman128 looks quite capable for the gig. Usman has 204 5-star ratings on Fiverr. If we were to look a little more closer to Usman’s expertise it looks like he even provides customized help for your projects. This also shows that he is really interested in your success as an Amazon seller. 

An expert like m_Usman128 from Fiverr can not just help you with preliminary research of products. They can also help you find the right suppliers as suggested in the screenshot of Usman’s listing. He can also help you zero in on a profitable product to start your business. Usman can also help you conduct a competitor analysis – a report of the total products that your product will compete within the niche and the number of reviews within each product within the niche (which can help you choose the right niche). If you have more requirements in your product research, it looks like Usman would be open to helping you out with it too. 

Usman also has 3 packages for his product research offers.

To obtain the most value out of Usman’s product research service, from the 3 packages it looks like the $100 custom package would be great to go with since it provides a detailed report of the research.

If you are in a hurry, Usman also offers an expedited service and will provide all deliverables for an extra $60.

Once you have obtained your detailed product research reports, you can spend a bit of time choosing the best product. It is easy to spend too much time on analysis. If you think you have found the right product, it is critical to move fast into finding the supplier and getting the product ready to ship.

Apart from Usman, you can also go with a Level 2 seller on Fiverr like sajidkhaira. From Sajid’s listing, it looks like his expertise lies in thorough product research.

  • Finding, liaising with the factory –  Using sajidkhaira’s service, you can find great suppliers for your products. Once they do the groundwork, you can research further into these suppliers. This way you can find really great suppliers for your products. If you are using Sajid’s service for product research and supplier information, he offers 3 packages which are below:

For a reasonable amount like $80 or the $110 package, you can get great value, because he offers both product research and supplier information for that amount – all within 3-5 days.

That is 3-5 days where you can work on things you are great at and have the peace of mind that an expert like Sajid is working on product research. 

2. Sampling process

The product sampling process is extremely important because samples determine 3 important things: 

  •  the quality of your products
  •  your customers experience 
  • will predict the reviews you will get from your future customers.

Many new sellers skip this step or ignore a few important steps in this process.

Skipping any part of the sampling step would be a big mistake. 

You can avoid costly mistakes if this step is conducted thoroughly. 

Here are 2 major reason why people make compromises with the sampling process:

They just don’t know the processes involved:

A lot of new sellers assume that the sampling process consists of buying one sample, communicating changes and that’s it, their product is ready to manufacture.

They don’t think sampling is necessary:

New sellers assume that the factories are experts at manufacturing. And they make the mistake of seeing a product on Alibaba and ordering exactly that. The seller might push them to buy a sample, but many refuse because they think that what they see is what the customers get. But it is far from the reality because factories will take any opportunity to try and cut corners.

Naive new sellers are a great opportunity for remote factories to cut corners with their deliverables.

The sampling process is expensive: 

One reason many sellers skip the sampling process is because they find that delivery of samples from the factory to their address is expensive. Sadly, this is true. Especially if the sample process takes at least 3-4 samples to finally arrive at the golden sample. But there is an amazing way to hack this process. 

Factories usually charge a minimal product amount plus freight to ship samples. For a small and light product, if you follow the sampling process for 3-4 samples, it will end up costing you around $500 or more (depending on the product). This will definitely be much more expensive for bigger products. This cost will also differ depending on your location in the world. The best way to assess the cost is to ask the supplier yourself. The sampling costs prohibits many new sellers from conducting the sampling process in the right way. 

Amazon product sampling hack

As far as expert help goes, this Fiverr service is gold.

If your product is made in China and you are situated elsewhere, Fiverr has a few experts in Amazon product sampling within China. These experts know English (if that’s your language of preference), and can liaise with the factory for you. Because they are situated in China, it makes a big difference with communication and freight charges.

Once you shortlist the suppliers, find the right Fiverr expert for the sampling process. E.g. Mamoon_rashid looks like a good candidate to undertake the sampling process to choose the right product for Amazon FBA. 

From his profile on Fiverr, we can see that Mamoon :

  • Can evaluate your Amazon FBA product sample
  • He is experienced – has 4 years of experience in foreign trade in China
  • Mamoon has a team of evaluators. So it looks like he operates a professional company that conducts Amazon product sample evaluation.
  • He also knows good material from bad ones – this is a difficult one to evaluate by yourself with the factory. Hence, this is a great reason to hire this expert.

Steps for sampling:

  • Get the sample sent to the expert

Once you hire Mamoon and his team, he could evaluate 1-3 samples for $40! When you organize for the sample to be sent from the factory to Mamoon from Fiverr, he will take five days to evaluate samples before he gives you the result of his evaluation. 

  • Analyse the evaluation results and communicate feedback to the factory

You can analyse the result, make changes and communicate this to your factory. This process can be repeated till Mamoon finds the golden sample. 

  • Rinse and repeat till you find the golden sample

Once an expert like Mamoon finds the golden sample, he could send this sample to your address. You can finally see the product for yourself. 

  • Greenlight factory to produce your batch!

You can touch and feel this golden sample to give the green light to your factory to kick start the production process.

Assuming it might take six samples to find your golden sample – this process could cost the following:

The whole Amazon sampling process could cost around $280 with expert help from Fiverr. As opposed to $500 to a $1000 if this is conducted by yourself. Simply engaging an expert in the country where production takes place, can make a big difference in the costs of the process.

3. Analyse quality during production

Once you’ve given your factory the greenlight to manufacture your product, it is extremely important to keep an eye on the quality of the product that was promised by the factory. Many sellers face issues with their factories, where the factory promises great quality products but what they end up producing could be of sub-standard quality. This might be due to a bad sampling process or just suppliers being rogue and cutting corners. 

A lot of times if the seller is not careful, these products go straight to the Amazon warehouse, where they are sold to customers. If the seller did not keep an eye on the quality of the products that were produced in the factory, the only time they get to know about the bad quality of their product would be when customers review, leave complaints about your products or request refunds from Amazon. Amazon heavily favours customers over sellers. A large number of refunds or complaints will hurt your listing. This happens a lot and can be easily avoided.

There is an easy fix to this. Fiverr has experts who can analyse the quality of the products during the production process This way, if the factory produces bad quality products they can communicate with the production manager and correct this right away.  Many of these experts are willing to travel to the factory and stay in the area during the production period.  While the production is going on these experts can be at the factory and analyse the quality of the products as and when they are being produced. 

They act as your eyes, nose and ears. These experts can give you real-time information including photos of your products,  videos of it being manufactured and feedback process with the production manager. The great advantage of this process is that you can be sure that the products that will travel from the factory to the Amazon warehouse are what you agreed upon with the suppliers and that your customers will receive great quality products. No more bad surprises here.

Hiring product inspectors in China

If you’ve chosen a factory in China, you can choose a freelance product inspector like Superoliver who promotes himself as your eyes and hands in China. He has a rating of 4.8 and charges $185 for his services. Here’s everything Superoliver could do for you:

For an extra $15 he could offer his services within 2 days instead of 3 days. He has great reviews from clients who have used him.

Hiring product inspectors in India

If you’ve chosen a factory in India, you could go with a Fiverr freelancer like gagauravsharma, a Level 1 seller with Fiverr. If communicating with Indian factories is an issue, someone like gagauravsharma could step in and be able to talk to factories and control the quality. He promotes his listing as a professional virtual assistant. For $80, he can do the heavy lifting for you. 

It is important to note that depending on whether your factory is located in the northern part of India or the southern part of India, it would make more sense to hire an expert or freelancer closer to where your factory is. E.g. if your product factory is in South India, it makes more sense to hire someone from South India, as they would be more aware of the culture and languages spoken in South India. You could still find success with an expert from anywhere in India, if they are experts in dealing with factories across all regions.


SEO is an area of expertise and is a great skill if you choose to learn this up. While the basic concepts of SEO are the same, optimizing copy for Amazon is a different skill from optimizing copy for search engines.

If your product belongs to a category which is not saturated, and competitors have bad listings,  if your product copy is great, it adheres to Amazon’s copy guidelines and is optimized for Amazon, it is easy for your listing to outrank your competition. 

This is why it is really important to hire someone to write the copy for your Amazon product listing.

If you search for ‘Amazon seo product copy’ within Fiverr’s search bar, you will find some amazing options of experts who can write your Amazon product description for you. 

And on Fiverr there are many experts to cover the skill for you . 

Within the first page of this search query, you will be able to find at least five experts who could help you with this skill. You have Alexvaston who provides great value with his SEO product description service. For $50 he can provide one product description, along with the title and 5 bullet points, containing 7 Focus words. For this price, he can also include competitor copy research.

You also have rose oliveira who is Fiverr recommended. She provides 3 packages. For $120 she provides the standard SEO Amazon listing. For $180 she can provide Enhanced brand content text as well, which is great value.

For Amazon SEO copy, you can also choose deryano, a Level 2 seller with Fiverr. Who seems to provide great value within the $95 standard package that they offer on Fiverr.

Once you get SEO copy for your products on Amazon through an expert of your choice on Fiverr, you are ready to list your product up on Amazon. 

Not looking for beginner freelancers?

Looking for expert SEO writers for Amazon? Then you can go for Amazon SEO pros, on Fiver Pro.

Click here to skip to the real pro of Amazon SEO experts who have been vetted by Fiverr for their skills and experience with Amazon clients.

These are verified SEO professionals who can help you write the copy your Amazon product listings page with their expert skills. The work of these experts fall in the higher price range, but you will find it definitely worth it once your products listing starts converting.

The services of Fiver Pro SEO writers are great for established Amazon sellers with high-end products that warrants expertly written copy to get that product flying off the Amazon warehouse shelves.

5. Product Images

Images are incredibly important to get a product listing up and running. It is the first thing that an Amazon customer looks at to get an idea of the product they are looking to buy. The photography can be done either by you or by a professional photographer. When you are starting out photography can be a deterrent in getting the right product listing up. 

Amazon has strict image guidelines which must be followed so that the listing is not penalised or suspended. For maximum chance of success, it is better to outsource the Amazon image work to an expert who has the experience of creating successful Amazon listings. 

If you type in Images for Amazon or something along the lines, you will find a host of freelancers who could help you with this portion of the listing. 


As mentioned earlier, unlike other platforms, Amazon doesn’t want their website to appear like a cheap marketplace. Due to this, they control the aesthetics of the product results page by requiring sellers to provide product images against a plain white background.

Amazon customers love attractive lifestyle images of people using the product. 

On Fiverr, you can find photographers who can also provide models for your products. These photographers can use your product and take professional looking photos with it. This is an economical option, because you can get a model and photography services all at once with minimal coordination from your end. Eg. 

For $35, Katy63de provides photography for 1 white background images or 1 lifestyle image depending on your requirement. She also offers infographic images that explain the function, features and benefits of your product. 

Here are the different photography packages that are offered by Katy63de. For $395, you get 7 photos for your Amazon listing. Add an extra $100 and get the 7 images retouched and perfect looking, ready to go up on Amazon.

As mentioned earlier, having kickass images on your Amazon listing is critical because this is the first thing (and sometimes the only thing) potential customers see on the search results page on Amazon.

In one glance, a customer could make a decision based on what they see and understand from these images. This one factor could be the reason why customers could pick your product over your competition. So it is totally worth spending money on the best photography service.

With photography, if you want to make sure you hire only the absolute best, you could check out Fiverr Pro’s pool of Amazon image experts. These are image pros who have been verified by Fiverr to make sure that client are delighted with what they pay for.

Click here to find your Amazon image experts straight from Fiverr’s Pro pool.

Here are some Amazon image experts to definitely check out:


Max Dormanval

Retouching images 

Some sellers prefer to take their own photos or even use the photos that suppliers provide as part of buying the product in bulk from them. In this case, you may not need to take brand new photos. If your competitors have chosen a product from the same supplier or even a different supplier who deals with the same product, chances are they received the same photos from their supplier. It is important to have an edge over your competitors and look different. Which is why you may need to hire an image retoucher.

A retoucher will help you clean up your images, change or make your product appear on different backgrounds or in applications. Essentially you are using the same images but with the retoucher’s help these images could look completely different in your potential customer’s eyes. Once again, it is important to choose the right retoucher, as there are plenty of bad ones out there too. 

When you search for retouchers, it is also important to specifically search for retouching services for Amazon listings because Amazon has specific image guidelines. It is important for the retoucher to be an expert in Amazon product images. 

To choose a good retoucher, you could go to Fiverr, type in your query and be sure to specify Amazon. As you can see in the below example, there are plenty of them out there. Many are highly rated. To maximize your chances of getting your money’s worth (or more), it’s best to go for retouchers with 4.9 rating or more. Ofcourse, it also goes without saying that the more ratings they have, the better they could be at the project.

As an example, we are going to explore emerchant a retouching expert on Fiverr. For $25, you could hire emerchant to retouch images for you with unlimited revisions incase you have many changes. They also have packages for different quantities of images. Emerchant could retouch 7 images (ideal number of images for an Amazon listing) for $140 i.e. $20/image and deliver this to you within 4 days. Pressed for time? Add another $60 to get the 7 images deliver to you within 1 day. 

If you don’t have a huge budget set aside for images, there are freelancer with great ratings on Fiverr providing retouching services. Example: You could explore petrenku’s retouching services. For the lesser price, the services may not be very flexible and may offer only limited options such as revisions. E.g. you may not be able to manipulate the background of an image. So, go with a service that meets all your requirement. 

The great thing about Fiverr is that you can contact the freelancers / experts before hiring them for their service. All questions or doubts can be cleared before choosing to pay for a service on Fiverr. This way, you also get a feel of who you are working with.

Looking for the absolute best Amazon image retoucher?

Go with a pro like :

6. Amazon Product Video

When you list a product on Amazon, you also have the option to upload a video. Earlier, Amazon had the option of adding product videos only if you had brand registry, through the enhanced brand content section in the listing. This was available only for sellers who had a brand registered with Amazon. However, since July 2020, Amazon has made this placement available for all sellers. 

Videos are an excellent way for a customer to understand your products and how it is applied in the real world. 

Similar to photography services, Fiverr also has experts / freelancers who create excellent videos to showcase your products or services. If you are looking for an expert to create a great product video for you, check Fiverr’s video creation experts out: 

 To learn more about Amazon product videos check this blog out.

7. Advertising on Amazon 

Apart from Amazon SEO and using product descriptions, images and videos to gain higher ranking on Amazon’s search pages, there is another way to climb up the ranking ladder on Amazon’s search pages. This is by running Amazon Pay Per Click ads. In other words, paid advertisements. Sponsored products appear above organic results on Amazon’s search results. 


If your product is in a competitive category, you may be looking for results through another way than search engine optimization. Amazon PPC ads could be a great option. It is important to do Amazon PPC correctly as it can be technical for a new seller.

If you are a complete beginner in internet marketing or if you have many product listings, it would make sense to hire an Amazon PPC expert who will be focussed in delivering results for your products. 

As with all other services, when you look for Amazon ppc services on Fiverr, you will find many freelancers who you could hire.

Going with vinctosc could be a good option as he seems quite experienced from his profile on Fiverr. It looks like he has set up Amazon PPC campaigns for a lot of people going by reviews on Fiverr. As vinctosc mentions, it is very important to set up and manage PPC campaigns well on Amazon, or else you could lose a lot of Ad dollars in a short time. Vinctosc has 3 packages. And you could choose the right package depending on the number of products you have.

Note that, Amazon PPC advertising amount is different from the service provider fees. So your total advertising budget should include both. 

This is a part of the business where, if you are looking to rope in a professional to help, make sure

  •  they are legit
  • they have mastered every aspect of Amazon PPC advertising
  • have worked with many clients

This is a part of the business where it is not worth hiring someone just because they are cheap. 

So it is worth checking out Fiverr Pro experts who could cover this department for you.

Go with a pro like :

Jonny – an Amazon expert with 10 years of experience in all Amazon marketplaces.

This is just one of Jonny’s reviews:

Jonny is a wee bit more expensive than freelancers in Fiverr’s pool. But there is a reason. Jonny is part of Fiverr Pro. Which means he is an expert who is personally vetted by Fiverr’s team to ensure the clients get only the best of the best.

Jonny has been running Amazon stores for 10 years and has immense experience as a seller in the Amazon marketplace. He has over $3M turnover annually.

You will be meeting Jonny again later in this post because Jonny happens to be an Amazon mentor too.

8. Handling Amazon FBA customer service

Amazon is big on customer service. When you have an FBA business, you will come across times when your customer is not happy with products. Or they are not clear about your product features or functionality. They can ask you questions at any time of the day and you will need to answer them in a prompt, patient, professional and thorough manner. Depending on where you are located, it is important to address questions and complaints as fast as possible.

 If it is a question, the customer may be looking to purchase that product. And it is well known that purchases happen fast on Amazon. If you are not able to give customers answers or clear their doubts on time, they could abandon your product listing and go to your competitor’s product listing and buy their product. Worse still, if customers have a complaint, they could leave a bad review which is a big risk to the success of your product on Amazon.

If you have many complaints or refunds on Amazon, Amazon could deactivate your listing or even suspend your seller central account.

Just like on a physical shop floor, it is important to have customer service covered at all times. If you are not able to cover customer service, or if this is not your area of interest or expertise, it is important to delegate this task to a customer service superstar. You could look at hiring a customer service expert like patrice_ainsley on Fiverr – a Level 2 seller who has 8 years of experience. From her reviews, it looks like most of her clients love her service. She charges only $5 per hour. If you need her to cover for you only while you sleep it would be only $40 for 8 hours! 

9. Handling Amazon reviews

Amazon product reviews make or break a seller’s status on Amazon. People read product reviews to learn more about the product and how it can benefit someone’s life. Reviews have more weight than product description, title and EBC content. Which is the reason why this portion of a product was the most rigged till a few years ago. There used to be a time when reviews of a product could be manipulated by purchasing reviews from external sources. However, due to strict rules created by Amazon, this is not possible in any legal way.

Illegal methods like increasing the number of good reviews are constantly under fire from Amazon. Amazon is hard to hoodwink these days and they permanently suspend sellers who game their system. If you love your business on Amazon, it’s best not to entertain the idea of outsourcing reviews for your products on Amazon.

Due to this reason, this is an area of the business which cannot be outsourced on Fiverr or any other platform. 

10. Reviewing your Amazon FBA business

Once you have had some experience through a full cycle of trading on Amazon – from product development to dealing with customer feedback, you may find the need to review your business, its processes, to find low hanging fruits that you may have missed during the previous cycles and to find more cash flow generating opportunities. This process is much better when done by consultants or experts who, unlike you, have no biased emotions towards your business.  

However, take caution.

I’m sure everyone in business knows how expensive sales consultants and experts are. I have had experience with a few ‘Amazon gurus’ externally who are more interested in being on a retainer and getting monthly paychecks – an exorbitant amount of money, than helping a business. And there are many out there, who sadly take advantage of naive business people to make sure they milk every penny out of them. The ROI usually is negative.

The great thing about using Fiverr professionals is that, it is transparent. You can read what others have experienced with them, and you are in control.

This is where you can find an experienced Amazon business expert to help review your Amazon business. Someone like gokhandemirci on Fiverr could help you reach your business goals. This guy has 168 reviews – all 5 star. He has had 8 years of experience selling on Amazon.

With an expert like Gokhan, you could:

  • Identify issues or mistakes in your business or strategy
  • Correct them and replace them with a much better strategy
  • Take your business to the next level

Gokhan from Fiverr could take you from where you are to where you want to be. His services are extremely affordable compared to his immense experience in the industry.

While the basic and standard packages would be adequate, you could find the most value in the premium package that costs $300. Here you get 5 hours in a week for his expert knowledge. 

Once again, there are many consultants and ‘experts’ who peddle their services for no value at all to inexperienced business owners. This is why due diligence is extremely important when you hire a consultant or an expert. The great thing about choosing a service provider on Fiverr is that you can see the proof of their work from client reviews and the number of gigs they have procured. If you are not happy with your service or did not receive any value for what you paid, you can leave a review on Fiverr or speak to Fiverr’s friendly team so you get all the help you need.

It is probably possible to find a great consultant with no reviews. But this again is an area where it is better to not risk. So look for a highly experienced consultant who may be a bit more expensive than a new inexperienced consultant.

a highly experienced and genuine amazon consultant is a rare find!

Jonny, who we met earlier in the post, also provides expert consultation for Amazon businesses. Jonny started his Amazon store 10 years ago and has experience selling in every market on Amazon.

If you are struggling on Amazon as a seller, Jonny can help you with his consultation to improve performance. In his consultation, he will give you a plan forward to work out rankings and sales for your product.

It is extremely hard to make it on Amazon (or any other business) on your own. which is why finding experienced mentors like Jonny, are GOLD!

We live in a time when running a business has never been easier. People are the building blocks of any business. This holds true even for an Amazon FBA business. If you don’t have the right people, critical areas of your business could be affected and the result of this will be evident on your bottom line.

If you find your holy grail team, that is the biggest gift – more than the ROI that comes with it.

The great news is, finding the right talent is easy. There are so many options in today’s world compared to ever before in history.

If you have the budget, you can outsource almost anything to bridge a skill gap.

With Fiverr, you can now build your very own team with a small budget.

What’s even better is that you don’t have to break the bank to get experts to cover you. It might take some time, but you will eventually find the right combination of experts who can run your business for you. 

So why not let the experts handle it?

 Please note: All experts / freelancers from Fiverr that are showcased in the above article are meant to be examples only. They are featured in this article based on their ratings and their services. The suggestions given in this article are not meant to be a substitute for good old fashioned in-depth research which an entrepreneur or a business person must undertake before choosing the service of a freelancer or an expert. The purpose of this article is genuinely meant to point you in the direction of where you could potentially find help in your business and to show you a possible avenue where you could find freelancers or experts to fill up skill gaps where you are not an expert. Should you choose to go with one of the above mentioned experts, please do so. However, we strongly recommend you to conduct your own due diligence and research on them before choosing their services as superchargezone.com assumes no responsibilities for any results you may gain or lose from choosing to hire their services.
 Also note that the details contained in this article were true at the time of publishing. The experts mentioned here and the specifics of their services are subject to change with time.  

What is the biggest skill gap you are looking to bridge? Comment here or email at info@superchargezone.com