How to hack the sales funnel with 8 elements

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Do you wish you had the skill to create and run funnel campaigns in-house? Here’s a little secret  – It is actually really easy to set up and run a sales funnel these days more than ever before.

 You don’t need a contract with a b2b lead generation agency as it is a lot more cost effective and sensible to manage lead generating sales funnels in-house. It makes even more sense because you have the control over the lead generation activity. More importantly, the quality of leads is also controlled by you. After all you are the only person who knows, cares and understands your business more than an external agency.

Believe it or not, setting up the funnel is the simple part. The time consuming (but not difficult) part is to come up with a strategy, a blueprint, and the few elements that will be designed into the funnel. Once you get this machine up and running, these crucial bits and bobs will kickstart the process of making money for you. Organizing for this is not hard or technical. All it requires is strategy, creativity and conducting skills. 

The freelancers and experts that are featured in this post are:

Here’s how to create a sales funnel fast

One great trick is to work backwards from the end of the funnel. This trick can help you design a great funnel with a cohesive set of offers.  The sales funnel can be assembled with 8 elements.

Element 1: the sales funnel blueprint

The first step to creating a sales funnel fast is to roughly draw out the blueprint of your sales funnel.

Important things to consider when designing the blue print are:

  • How is traffic brought into the funnel?
  • What would be the lead’s journey after signing up?

This is a step that is best done by you. However, you could rope in an expert sales consultant to figure out an effective funnel design that would work best for your business. 

A quick look on Fiverr brings up experts like mangoalex. Mangoalex is a sales consultant on Fiverr who can help businesses that need insight into how to grow. He offers a 2-hour retainer which includes a consult and report deliverable that will help you with a lot of insight. His clients have great things to say about him. Before you go with mangoalex ‘ s services, make sure to conduct deeper research into whether his services can help your business specifically.

Fiverr also has very specific funnel experts like josephpusser . 

Josephpusser, specifically deals with generating leads over zoom. It looks like he is quite experienced in this area. He has around 175 reviews with a 4.9 star rating. 

He provides 3 packages. But it looks like he provides great value in his $45 and $60 packages where he includes a 1 on 1 zoom coaching call.

If you have a high end service offering, webinars and videos would be a great way to deliver your offer. On Fiverr, you will also find sales consultants specifically for webinar funnels. An example of this is dumitrud.

Dumitru seems like an expert in webinar funnels and his various offerings on Fiverr could provide a great deal of value for you. 

For $20, you will get a 30 minute consultation with him. For $500, he will create the whole webinar funnel for you. For $950, you can completely outsource the webinar funnel job to him and he will create ads to bring in the traffic to the funnel and will generate leads for you. Before pressing the order button, you should do a little research on him, then contact him and check if dumitrud is the right person to build out your funnel.

Dumitru offers Facebook Ads consultation and also can assist you in generating leads through Google Ads.

Element 2: profit maximizer

What is your ultimate sell? What is your objective behind creating a sales funnel in the first place? What is it that you truly want your leads to eventually buy from you? 

This will be your grand offer – your most expensive product or service. This is the offer that will raise the average transaction value of your funnel. This offer most likely will more than make up for the expenses incurred by you in the funnel. 

This offer should contain products or services that will go above and beyond for your leads –  not just meet your lead’s expectation, it MUST EXCEED it. 

The biggest bone a lot of leads turned customers have to pick with offer providers is that this final offer, which they paid for with their hard earned money, was not worth the huge price tag. This gives a bad reputation to the offer providers. 

Digital consumers today are very discerning and they demand value. The internet is tailored to help them find the right services and products. And in today’s world where reviews make or break companies, bad reputation can deter other leads from choosing to go on that journey with you. So it is important to make sure that your profit maximizer contains an immense amount of value and that it will exceed the customer’s expectation.

What exactly are profit maximizers?

In the digital world, they are digital offers like courses bundled with bonuses and freebies, offered together to provide ultimate value.

In the physical product world, they are bundled offers that could contain a mix of your core products with other products that combine well together to form a great hamper.

For digital profit maximizers, combining bonuses and additional content to your core product would be a great way to create value that could be your profit maximizer. Videos are a great way to deliver additional and bonus content to form a profit maximizer. Whiteboard videos and 2D animated explainer videos are very effective forms to convey a message or to teach concepts.

 Often video creation is a skill that many marketers don’t have. Thankfully, this is a skill that can easily be outsourced to an expert. 

Example: Videos can be delegated to a Fiverr expert like graphicsplayer a top rated Fiverr seller who can create whiteboard videos or 2D animation explainer videos – 2 great video mediums to explain or teach effectively. For a maximum $100, you can get an effective 60 second 2D animation explainer video done by a professional. 

Alicia_20 another top rated seller who can create 2D animated explainer videos for you. She is a bit pricey compared to other Fiverr experts. However, she has really great reviews and her final products may be of great quality. 

If you require videos over 120 seconds she is also open to doing larger gigs. You also could get a discount for larger video gigs with her. 

Like  graphicsplayer and Alicia_20  you will find many more experts on Fiverr who are more suited to your preferences. 

How to create a profit maximizers?

Creating digital profit maximizers combine various small and medium offerings together to form a large offerings. 


A $79 profit maximizer offer for an investing education company could contain a set of 10 short 3 minute explainer videos. In addition to this, this offer could contain an eBook written by industry experts along with more offers like checklists and case studies. This whole offer could be worth $500. But it will be offered at a special price of $79.

Another example could be a coaching company providing 6 elaborate modules containing a minimum of eight 20 minute videos within each module. Plus extra bonus interview videos with industry experts. Additional value can be provided by adding extra eBooks and checklists, all of which combine to be a grand offer for the lead.This profit maximizer offer could be worth $5000 that is offered at a reduced price of $999.

These are just examples of offers. It also depends on how many sales funnels you wish to have and what your larger strategy is. Smaller sales funnels could precede larger sales funnels combined together by nurturing emails.

You can start with a smaller funnel with a maximum price point of $297. Once you nail this, you can create a larger sales funnel with a maximum price point of $999.

Element 3:  The Core product

Core product is your primary service or product. This is the service or offer that you are known for. Core products act like cost leaders. They are popular among your leads or customers and this is what brings people to your store. 

The profit margin may not be great for this product. However, the volume at which this product or service sells, justifies its presence in your product portfolio. In fact, your core offer is one of the main reasons your company exists.

If your core product is a video or a set of videos, then just like the profit maximizer section mentions, you will be able to find really affordable professional video creators on Fiverr.

Element 4: lead magnets and tripwires

To create lead magnets and tripwires, you will need to come up with enticing offers for your leads, which will value so much that you can make them pay for it, or barter with their valuable details like name, email address or phone number.

Key questions to ask yourself in this process are:

  • What do your potential leads value most?
  • Are you able to provide portions of this for free or for a small $ amount? 
  • Are you able to package this in the form of an easy digital product that can be delivered through email?

If the answer is yes, then these offers will form important elements in your funnel, especially if you are creating the popular 2 step tripwire funnel.

This product or offer must provide your lead with a quick win – like provide an important piece of information to have an edge over others in your field. 

It is crucial to get this piece of the equation right.

This quick win will give your lead a taste of what you could provide should they choose to hear from you through email, sign up for your paid offers or buy your products. 

Examples of a free product are digital checklists, free content like video answering a key question, whitepapers, case studies, eBooks or reports that are relevant to your field. 

Looking to create an ebook to offer your leads?

Carefully plan the content that will go into the ebook and give the source file to an expert on Fiverr. Simply type in ebook in Fiverr’s search page and you will find this.

An expert like c8v_logos can design the layout of your book according to your preference for a custom price.

If it is a white paper that you are going to offer as a lead magnet or a trip wire, then you have a few options on Fiverr.

If you would like written content for your white paper, then you can have an expert from Fiverr write this for you. If you have the content ready, then you can speak to a design expert on Fiverr like hirehtmlcoder to create the white paper for you. Their rates are as follows:

Element 5: Killer copy

Copy is everything when it comes to a sales funnel. Copywriting, in all aspects of a sales funnel has a direct impact on lead sign ups. If a sales funnel is not making money as expected, one of the first things to test is copy. 

  • If the words contained in the advertisement were different, would there be more sign ups?
  • Would leads act differently if the copy contained on the tripwire page was worded in a more catchy way?
  • Would there be more sign ups if the lead magnet had a better title?

The difference in results between good copy and bad copy is like night and day. Effective sales copywriting is one of the most sought after skills in the marketing field.

Apart from requiring copywriting for within the funnel, effective copywriting is also an important element of follow up emails to the leads. In fact, effective copy is an element that will be used a lot in follow up emails.

A Fiverr copy expert like jakeeck could help you create amazing copy specifically for your sales funnel. His rates are as follow:

His rates are on the steeper side.

But if you find a great copywriter who can write copy that converts, it is a great asset.

Fiverr also has a large range of copy writers to suit your needs.

Element 6: Converting videos 

Videos are a great vehicle for your message in almost every step of a sales funnel. It is not necessary to add a video in every stage of a sales funnel but it would be more effective to have a well made video somewhere important like when selling your core product or the profit maximizer. 

Great videos increase your conversion rate. And not using this effective tool could lead to a great opportunity loss. Use a video when it is possible.

If you are a coach, you can hire a videographer to expertly shoot your content. Or if you have a great video camera and can shoot yourself. You can then give the time-consuming editing gig to an expert on Fiverr to cut it out for you.

A top-rated seller like official3seven would be able to perform the job for you. She promotes herself as a momma trying to give her son a better life. I guess it goes to show that these are real people trying to make a living doing real jobs to their best abilities. Reading their profile sheds a bit more light into who your team member would be.

Getting back to the point, official3seven ‘s video editing rates are as follows:

It is easy to find great video creators on a platform like Fiverr. Looking for someone to edit your videos without breaking the bank? Check out Fiverr’s video editing experts here and choose your video expert.

Element 7: Nurturing series of follow up emails

One of the major objectives of a sales funnel is to collect your lead’s email. When you finally have the lead in your list, it is an asset that belongs to your company because this list can generate cash flow for you. According to Neil Patel, 72% of US customers prefer email marketing to other kinds of promotions. 

Because email is a very strategic source of revenue within your marketing channels, it is very important to create an email marketing program that works well. Ideally, the strategy or the idea behind this workflow must come from you. 

But you will be able to find help on Fiverr to set up your email system or automation. Whether your email service provider is Klaviyo, ActiveCampaign, Pardot, Mail Chimp or GetResponse, you will be able to find the right expert on Fiverr.

Element 8: Effective email copy

Now that you have a program designed, the important copywriting skill mentioned earlier comes to use again in this step. Once you have created the strategy or the framework, you can hire an email copywriting expert from Fiverr who can pen these emails for you in a style that speaks well to your target audience.

It is best if the copy expert you choose to write emails is also an email marketing expert because unlike other channels, there is a lot of psychology behind writing emails to get subscribers to open, click and convert through one email.

There are also other important factors to keep in mind such as writing and designing an email to keep it out of spam and many other important points. More in another blog that will cover eDM.

To write your emails you could explore the skills of an expert like mightypens on Fiverr who seems to be an expert from his profile and from reading reviews. mightypens rates are as follows:

Going by mightypens rates, he seems very reasonable. He provides 1 email for $25, a 3 email sequence for $60 and a 5 email sequence for $100. This seems like a lot of value for an automated series which could generate passive income for a long time!

Once all of the elements are created, they can be designed to fit into 1 or many funnels. That’s right 1 element can go into multiple funnels because it’s usually different leads that journey into a different funnel. Some of these elements can also be repurposed to create an article or made into a video etc, and then be morphed into another element that could fit into a new funnel. The permutations and combinations of how these elements can be combined are almost unlimited.

Fiverr is a great place for marketers and business people. It is a place to instantly find a future team member to take care of an area of business where you need help. Fiverr is a marketplace for almost any business service you are looking for. If you search deep, you will find a lot of value in the services that many of Fiverr’s experts and freelancers provide.

The best part is – if you find the right expert they could be a team member for a long time to come.

Please note: All experts / freelancers from Fiverr that are showcased in the above article are meant to be examples only. They are featured in this article based on their ratings and their services. The suggestions given in this article are not meant to be a substitute for good old fashioned in-depth research which an entrepreneur or a business person must undertake before choosing the service of a freelancer or an expert. The purpose of this article is genuinely meant to point you in the direction of where you could potentially find help in your business and to show you a possible avenue where you could find freelancers or experts to fill up skill gaps where you are not an expert. Should you choose to go with one of the above mentioned experts, please do so. However, we strongly recommend you to conduct your own due diligence and research on them before choosing their services as assumes no responsibilities for any results you may gain or lose from choosing to hire their services.
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