The NO:1 secret key to instant success on Amazon FBA 2021

Girl laughing in what is an Amazon Product Video

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If you are an ordinary Amazon seller, there are a few key factors that will determine your product’s success on Amazon. Some of them are:

  • Mastering the art of Amazon SEO
  • Selling products with the best reviews in your niche or category
  • Uploading kick ass product images

In 2021, there is one more factor that could open the door of success for your Amazon product. And that is, creating and uploading the best product video.


Up until last year, an ordinary seller could only upload 7 product images. There was no provision to upload a good product video. Only special sellers who registered their brand with Amazon had the privilege to upload a product video. The major criteria to register a brand with Amazon is to have a trademark for your brand.  Applying for a trademark is an elaborate process which usually takes 1-2 years depending on your lawyer and the product category you are in. This is a lot of time for a new FBA seller on Amazon. 

Thankfully, in July of 2020, Amazon has opened up this privilege to ordinary sellers too. Now every seller can upload a product video to their product listing page through the image section of your seller central dashboard. 

Videos are a secret super power for Amazon FBA sellers. And this is a superpower that many sellers don’t take advantage of for various reasons. One of the biggest reasons for not taking advantage of the valuable video placement on Amazon is the cost of creating a product video. But there is a secret that these sellers are missing.

Creating an Amazon product video is super affordable today.

There was a time when getting an Amazon product video created used to be a luxury because of the amout of resources it took to create a simple product video. Today, as video making technology and resources are getting more and more accessible, it is easy to find product video creators in almost any price ranges.

Organizing for an Amazon product video is not as hard as many sellers think. There are different kinds of product videos that can be created. As a seller, you know your products best and you also know the video formats competitors use. Based on these, you can make a decision on the following types of videos and hire the experts that we found to create product videos for Amazon FBA.

Bear in mind though, that in video creation, each bracket of price range will give you a certain amount of quality. In other words, you can’t get an elaborately shot or elaborately animated video by paying $200. You may need to allocate a good budget if you are going for really high quality.

You’ll definitely find magicians who can work their magic through cheaper technology. But if you are going for a luxury or cinematic feel, then it’s best you pay the price and shop with the pros.

Here are the freelancers and experts who are featured in this post with links to their profiles.



Short product videos

Sophia_2018 could create a 15 second Amazon product video showcasing your product for $75!

They can deliver the video within 4 days. 

For $595, this team can create a 40 seconds professional video of your product on Amazon with a model, along with music, text and animations. This is a great price for the value that they provide. Sophix Graphix is a US based team which specializes in videos and graphic design. They have great reviews from clients who have worked with them recently. It looks like their services are in high demand as there are 4 orders in queue. 

Source: Sophix Graphix Fiverr profile

3D product videos

If you have a ground breaking or a high end product on Amazon in the technology or fashion accessories category, you could use a different style of Amazon product video to showcase it to your customers. Rather than going for a story telling video, the best way to get your customers to look at your product would be through a slick 3D product video. 3D product videos are very trendy and you can make your product stand out among the competition. 

An experienced product video creator like aliqaiser159 from Fiverr could help you create a great 3D product video. 

His rates are pretty affordable. You can get a 10 second 3D product animation with music for $280. For $500, you can get a 25 second video created by him. For $995, he can deliver the best value – a 60 second video with photo realistic rendering of the product in different angles.

Social video

Looking for a video with more social enagagement?

You can create a video more aimed at social media with an influencer who will explain your product. In this video, the influencer talks about the features and benefits of the video. E.g. a video creator like reviews911 on Fiverr can make a video that is aimed at creating engagement among viewers. A video like this could portray the desirability of your product. It also educates a potential customer about the product and what it can do.

Reviews911’s packages are simple:

The cost of creating a basic video with Reviews911 is $125. For an extra $60, he also posts the product video to his Youtube channel. 

Some video creators on Fiverr may request a script and image stills to create the video. Others are self-sufficient and could provide most elements that are required in an Amazon product video themselves. Either ways, it would be a great idea to have a chat with them about your gig.

You should also cover at least 5 big points of your product with your video creator. These points should cover the main features and benefits of your product within the video. So it is important to give them a well-written direction of what you are expecting in the product video.

Videos are the best way to explain your product to your customers in the shortest time. Videos are also the best way for customers to visually grasp everything important about your product in your product listing. This will save your customers a lot of time. 

The key will be in making your product videos so effective, that it will compel your customers to press the ‘buy button’ instantly.


Looking to instantly warm the hearts of your customers? Why not go for something your competitors never do? Stop motion animation videos is a popular type of videos which uses real elements including maybe the product or concept that is to be sold.

Source: Unsplash

It consists of hundreds of shots that are less than a second. In every shot the product or elements move according to the script objective. Extremely tedious but fun to shoot. If executed well, the result could be a video that

  • brings life to your product
  • has the potential to go viral
  • really catch the attention of your Amazon customers.

Leeoz1 from Fiverr Pro is an expert with stop motion projects. For a stop motion animation creator and for a Fiverr Pro expert, Leeoz1 seems pretty affordable with rates starting at $400. Obviously depends on projects.

Source: Leeoz1’s Fiverr Pro profile

Here are Leeoz’s rates:

Animated Illustrations

If you plan humour as your tool in your Amazon product video script, then you could look at creating an Animated Illustration video as a way to showcase your product.

Like stop motion, this type of video has the potential to make your audience laugh and to go viral. When you make that emotional connection through laughter, customers are more likely to remember you and press the ‘Buy Now’ button.

Source: igloocreative’s profile on Fiverr Pro

Igloocreative on Fiverr Pro is an animation house that creates illustrations and converts them into amazing animations.

They offer various options:

For $320 you could create your illustrations and give them over to igloocreatives. They then create a great animated video out of it. If you want a simple animation, then igloocreatives can illustrate and create the animation for a higher free. They can also do an elaborate animation for $1280.

it’s time to take advantage of this powerful secret weapon before it becomes a popular tool.

Please note that the details contained in this article were true at the time of publishing. The experts mentioned here and the specifics of their services are subject to change with time.