The tools for lead generation used by 35 expert affiliate marketers

The best lead generating secrets from Experts

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What is a lead generation machine?

A lead generation machine is a combination of platforms integrated together to collect leads for a business.

I was curious to know what the combination of tools that are used by experts. So I used the online tool ‘BuiltWith’ to find out the top tools for lead generation that the top experts in affiliate marketing use to collect leads. I am also curious to see if there are any common platforms for lead generation favored by multiple experts. If so, I’d like to find out why these platforms are more popular than the others. 

Once again, my objective is to study the best tools for lead generation experts are using. These people must have spent years finding what works for them. I am researching into their set of tools to save you the time and money, to find some of the best platforms that are out there, that are favored by the experts.

Please bear in mind, I’m using BuiltWith to identify the softwares used by experts on their websites. This doesn’t mean that they use all of it to generate leads. There maybe some platforms that are integrated with their website and still show up on BuiltWith, but they may not be in use. Similarly there may be other platforms for lead generation that they use but may not show up on BuiltWith. So please use your discretion to choose the right combination of tools for lead generation to make up your very own perfect well oiled lead generation machine.

Let’s start!


How are the different platforms faring so far? Will the results reveal the best tools for lead generation?

Here’s a brief overview of the results. But for more information on the tools for lead generation used by an expert affiliate marketer scroll down below and find the tools that each expert uses.

I’ve compiled the results for the most used platforms by experts featured in this blog using the ancient tally system to score it. Here are the scores:

Email Marketing Provider

One great thing about Aweber is that since it was a hard year (!!!!!2020!!!!!) especially for new small businesses, Aweber launched a free version of their email marketing platform which is super handy for new affiliates and businesses that don’t have much of a budget to work with.

AWeber Free: Email marketing for free. No credit card required.

One great thing (from my experience) is that Aweber support is A+. If you have any issues while using the platform, Aweber‘s support team is extremely helpful in finding a solution. Bear in mind that they have the double opt-in option by default, which is significant when you generate leads initially. But this is an option you can negotiate with their support team to turn off, once you prove your subscribers are genuine (which could take 2 weeks to one month of being active on their platform). Compared to the other email platforms out there, Aweber is super affiliate business-friendly and also is cheap should you get on a paid plan with them at some point.

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free trial with Aweber

Funnel Building Platform

What was noticed in my search is that a lot of newer affiliates (in the last 5 years) use and promote Click Funnels. It may also be because, one can be an affiliate for Click Funnels only if you are a paid customer with them (i.e. subscribe to their basic plan – $99/month plan). However, the older gurus (such as Pat Flynn and John Chow) of affiliate marketing use Lead Pages to build out landing pages and funnel building.

Lead / Subscriber Collection on website / WordPress

Wow! There are some clear winners if we were to base choosing the best platforms on what the expert affiliate marketers are using out there.


  • Email marketing – Aweber
  • Funnel Marketing – Click Funnels
  • Lead generation on WordPress – Thrive Leads