Selling with Amazon FBA – answers to frequently asked questions

Information on Selling with Amazon FBA

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In your search to start a business, you will often find selling on Amazon as an Amazon FBA seller as a business model. Here are some questions that are often asked about this popular and lucrative business model. 

Is Amazon FBA worth it?

Amazon FBA is a serious business model and if chosen, it should be researched thoroughly before moving forward with creation, selling and listing a product on Amazon. This is a hard question because the answer to this is – it entirely depends on you. With Amazon FBA (or any other business) dedication and staying the course is very important. 

Is it easy to get started?

Compared to starting a traditional business, starting an Amazon business is very easy. All you need is to register for Amazon FBA. Bear in mind though that Amazon is very particular about the documents / details / evidence etc that you provide during registration to ensure that you are a legitimate seller. Once you successfully register, then you are in business.

Is making money on Amazon easy?

Not exactly. Figuring out how to sell on Amazon will take a bit of time. This will take a lot of analysing, optimizing your listings and studying competition etc. Added to this, there is an incredible amount of competition you will face on Amazon as a seller. Often, the first product a seller tries to sell as an Amazon FBA seller, is unsuccessful. Which is why it is important that the first product you sell should be a product where you are happy to lose money on,but expect to learn a lot from the experience. From there, you can proceed with your main product you are interested in selling. 

Once you learn the ropes of this business model,it is entirely up to you as to which direction you want to take it.

So the answer to the question ‘is Amazon FBA worth it?’ is  – it is in your hands. If you have full faith in your business and the unwavering determination to proceed with it, then you can make it completely worth it.

Amazon FBA how to start?

1. Register to be a seller on Amazon Seller Central:

Simply follow this link to register to be a seller on Amazon –

2. Research products that you want to sell:

There are various methods to research and find the right products.

Start with looking at trending products on Social Media channels like Facebook marketplace, Pinterest or Instagram to look for the latest trends in the category of products you are looking to sell.

You can also study trends of the products you are interested in selling on Amazon through Google Trends –

3. Take advantage of the best tools for Amazon FBA: 

The following tools are great to add to your Amazon FBA toolkit. These tools will be great in assisting you in your business journey, to find great products, suppliers, to optimize your listings and to protect your listings from bad actors. Keep in mind, that these two tools are completely different tools – they have different functions and capabilities. In fact they complement each other well. If you have these two tools assisting you, then you can be sure that you have all the data you need to optimize your Amazon FBA listings.

Use Jungle Scout

One good tool to find the best products out there is Junglescout. Jungle Scout helps you:

  • Zero in on the best products
  • Giving you all the demand statistics related to the products, so you won’t go wrong
  • It gives you a good look at your competition. This way you can choose / manufacture your product even better than your competition
  • It shows you the listing quality scores of your competition – through this you can optimize your listing to make your listing quality score better than your competition – i.e your listing could benefit from the resulting better conversion rate.
  • Find the right manufacturer for your product. It provides a list of manufacturers suitable for your products. This way you can contact the right manufacturer to create your product for you.

Use Sellerly

Sellerly is an excellent platform that can help you with creating a great listing and optimizing it for Amazon. This is a tool created by Semrush – one of the best SEO tools / experts in the world. Semrush has been in the market for 11 long years and launched Sellerly as a separate solution in 2018.

Sellerly contains 4 tools and each of these tools has a special role in optimizing your Amazon listing: 

Tool 1: Traffic Insights

Sellerly’s Traffic Insights tool is an analytics tool that allows you to evaluate and compare Amazon listings’ traffic channels, and scale your marketing strategy accordingly.

Tool 2: Listings Quality Check

This is an audit tool for Amazon sellers that checks listings for incompleteness, Amazon Guidelines fit, and content errors, and provides recommendations for listing optimization. 

Tool 3: Listing Protection

The listing protection tool is an alert system for sellers that helps you to instantly respond to unwanted listing changes and traffic loss. The tool tracks your keyword positions, buy boxes, listing suppression, and prices.

Tool 4: Split Testing

This is a free split-testing tool for increasing Amazon sales by optimizing and split-testing product pages.

Sellerly helps to make sure your product listing is of a good quality, serves as an alert system if something goes wrong, so you don’t have to check your listing yourself, suggests new ways of driving traffic to your listing and helps to create the perfect listing in terms of conversions to sales, which is one big factor of success on Amazon FBA. The addition of even one word can propel your product listing through Amazon’s search results ranks. With Sellerly, you can manage your listing through the tool that provides up-to-date analytics and ideas.

For a limited period, you get 50% off for 2 months if you click this link below:

4. Source your product:

Once you find the right product, you will need to find the right supplier. You can find this through Jungle Scout or from Alibaba by finding the right manufacturer.

5. List your product on Amazon

Create a listing for your product containing a great product title, great product description, 5 bullet points and7 photographs.

Where can I learn all about running an Amazon Business?

When starting a business, it is incredibly important to have a good mentor who can guide you and teach you all the in’s and out’s of the business. It’s hard to find a good mentor around you without paying an arm or a leg. The next best things is investing in a good Amazon FBA course


There are many selling with Amazon FBA courses out there. There are also lots of Amazon FBA gurus on Youtube. However, they can only take you upto a certain point. If you are looking for a good Amazon course, and you want to make sure that you get your money’s worth, you could choose one of the 2 courses below:


Reliable Education

P.S. I am not an affiliate for any of these courses. But I have personal experience with Reliable education and I highly recommend it. I have also heard great testimonials about the Amazing Selling Machine. 

Both these courses cost between $3000-$5000. If you are serious about starting an Amazon business, you will take advantage of the Amazon FBA training and make it worth it. 

You only need to undertake one of these courses. Not both.

However, both these courses provide you with detailed Amazon FBA step by step lessons – from starting a business to successfully running your Amazon FBA business. 

Once you are in, you can be assured that you are learning from the experts. You also benefit from the Amazon FBA training course and the communities that you will have the opportunity to be part of. If you have your seller central account active and ready, then following one of these courses would give you a lot of confidence and excitement in making your product a success.

Can I purchase an existing Amazon FBA business?

Don’t want the headache of starting fresh on Amazon FBA? Then you can look for an existing established Amazon FBA business which you can then takeover and run by yourself. 

Amazon FBA Business for sale


Empire Flippers:

Quiet Light:

This option is great when you have the money to purchase an existing business. However, when you are purchasing an existing Amazon FBA business, you have to do your due diligence by checking:

  • their financial standing
  • supplier relationships
  • the main reason the website is put for sale 
  • Profit margin
  • Competition
  • SWOT 

Selling with Amazon FBA can be very profitable if done right. The important thing is just like running any other business, it requires patience and the determination to make your products a success.

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