How to optimize for Voice Search – 8 simple ways to adapt to the revolution

8 ways to optimize for search

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Here are 8 ways to optimize for voice search:

1. Find the right questions to answer on different avenues

Avenues like social media platforms – groups, conversations and comments are really useful to find what people are searching for, to help optimize for voice search. Industry forums and review sites can help you find the questions that people are searching for. Using a tool like Semrush can point you towards questions in their keyword overview tool.

2. If you are a global company hire local SEO specialists to research and supply answers.

Avoid translation services if you don’t have in-house language experts.

3. Project manage different SEO specialists to optimize for voice search

Optimizing for voice search especially for different languages could be an elaborate project with many moving parts. Using an effective project management tool like could help.

4. Answer questions in local languages to optimize for voice search

This is especially important if you have a global company with global products or services. People from different countries ask questions in different ways. It’s important to be particularly mindful of these nuances. Don’t use translation services. Use SEO experts with good knwoledge of local language.

5. Publish high quality content regularly

High quality and consistency in publishing are very important for your content to be captured as an answer to voice search queries.

6. Keep a check on site speed

Google prefers publishers who can provide information fast. It’s important to keep site speed below 4 seconds.

7. Answers must be easily extractable to optimize for voice search

Format your content  in such a way that it is easy to extract answers to queries from your website or blog posts.

8. Content should be made available on social media

Whether it is Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, amplify your content to be more visible and readily available.

Why optimize for voice search?

Voice search is becoming increasingly popular. According to comScore, 50% of all searches are voice search. So it is important to start considering how you can optimize your website or content for voice search. Some important points on how to undertake this project are given below. Have a read and implement.

Research by in-house marketing teams 

A good understanding of the audience is important. So your in-house marketing team are the best people to undertake keyword research on the different queries that people ask related to your product or service. Based on this different content can be created and amplified.

Answering questions in the local language is important.

People from different countries ask questions differently. This may be due to the language, the culture etc.  It’s important to undertake great keyword research to understand and optimize for voice search especially in different languages. It’s also important to think about the intent behind each query that is being asked in order to provide the best direct answer possible.

Different kinds of content do well in different markets. It’s important to understand what kind of content does well in each market and adapt to it. 

What are the apparent gaps in content? How can this gap be bridged?Only by providing the right content and answering the right questions in this area.

How to find the right questions to answer to optimize for voice search?

Are there any questions that are being asked by people in your particular field of content? What are the questions that are being asked by people in this area? You will find the answers on:

  1. Google 
  2. Social media channels – comments and Facebook groups
  3. Popular forums in the area – comment sections in blogs and videos showcasing these content, and even 
  4. Questions and suggestions asked in review forums for particular areas.
  5. Amazon question & answer section – if it is a product or digital information sold on Amazon
  6. Semrush – When you search for a keyword on Semrush using the Keyword Overview tool, Semrush suggests a list of questions which are searched for by people on Google,

Global companies serving multi-language markets

If you are a global company serving many different markets, it is important to optimize for voice search in the different local languages of the markets you serve. 

Hire Local SEOs to optimize for voice search

It’s highly recommended that research as to the best ways to optimizing your content for voice search be carried out by Search Engine Optimizing Specialists who are familiar with the local market, know the local language of a particular market, the colloquial / slang languages and little nuances of the culture and language. 

Many companies resort to cheap translation services as a solution to optimizing for voice search in local languages. However, this could be a mistake especially if you don’t have any local language experts of different markets in your company. You could end up giving wrong answers or risk your answers getting translated in offensive ways in different local languages. Rather than helping your audience you could risk losing them.

The longer route is to hire local SEOs and let them supply answers to these questions in the local language.

 In short, there is no shortcut to optimizing for voice search in local languages for different markets.

Project Manage 

Optimizing for voice search can be a global project for a global company. It is important to manage this project in the best way possible. You have to liaise with local SEOs from the different countries and manage  their work and measure results. That’s why a tool like can be of great help for a any project. Especially a large project with many moving parts. You can have full visibility of each person’s work, expectation, deadlines and deliverables.

Publish regularly and consistently

If you are a global company serving many local markets it is important to publish high quality content often. To be considered for snippets and as answers for voice search, regular publishing is key. Publishing regularly tells Google (or other search engines) that you are a good publishing partner for them and that you are interested in providing regular resources for your audience.

Answers must be easy to extract from your content to optimize for voice search

Your content should be structured in such a way that it is easy for search engines to extract answers to frequently asked questions for your broad audience. 

The answers to these questions must be present in your content in an obvious way.

It must also be very easy to understand. Readability is an important aspect. Ideally, your content must be in a simple language that can be understood by a teenager.

The questions can also be presented in the Heading of your content / post.

Answers to these questions can be presented as a paragraph or a list

Google rewards quality content by ranking them and supplying them as answers to questions

Your content should be of really high quality to be considered worthy for supply by Google as the best answer to your audience’s questions. Good quality content gets chosen as featured snippets and answers to questions. So it’s important to focus on providing high quality content.

Share your content on Social Media

Make sure all your relevant content gets shared on social media platforms. Since you know your audience you also know what platforms they are most active in. Make sure to amplify your content on these platforms. This again helps with your content being readily available for your audience. 

By following these points you can slowly make a shift towards optimizing content aimed at voice search. The sooner you adapt, the more you will be able to serve your market better.

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