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Breakthrough in your business with John Assaraf

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Who is John Assaraf?

A very successful businessman who has built many multi-billion dollar businesses, John Assaraf is a renowned mentor to many. He is also a leading mindset, brain research and behavior expert in today’s generation.

John Assaraf was not always successful as he is today. In fact, he had a troubled upbringing. John grew up in a home where he watched his parents fight often because of his father’s addiction to gambling. He was an unhappy teenager who often got himself into trouble. 

John meets his mentor

At 19, John Assaraf met his mentor – an accomplished businessman who was great at achieving business goals. He met his mentor Alan Brown over lunch one day, and this turned his world around. During his lunch with Alan Brown, he was asked what his dreams, goals and ambitions were. These were questions no one ever asked him before. Alan made him write down all the goals of his life and then asked him one question – ‘Are you interested or committed in achieving your life goals?’. He went on to explain that if he was only interested, he would do only what was convenient to achieve the written goals. But if he was committed, he would do whatever it took to achieve the goals he has for his life. This was a pivotal moment in John’s life and his life was never the same again.

Because of his experience, John sees great value in mentorship and over the years he has had many business mentors in his life so far. They taught him about the three aspects of life that are incredibly important in breaking through in business. 

  • The mindset
  • The skillset
  • The Action set

Today he teaches 1000’s of entrepreneurs achieve their goals through his really popular programs.

John Assaraf’s journey into building business empires

After he got serious about his financial future, John Assaraf discovered franchising as a business model. This is when he took Indiana’s Remax real estate business from a small startup company into a multi-billion dollar a year business of 85 offices, 1500 sales people. He also built another company called and quickly grew it to a $30 million company in 10 months and then took it public on NASDAQ. Bamboo later merged with a company called Ipix which became a leading provider for imaging infrastructure and online virtual tours for big companies like eBay. John Assaraf then retired for a few years to write books. He eventually was featured as a teacher on Rhonda Byrne’s cult classic movie/documentary ‘The Secret’, which is what made him famous. John Assaraf was featured on Anderson Cooper, Oprah, Larry King Live, Ellen and many other major news and TV shows.

An inspirational story – John Assaraf’s Vision Board

John’s mentor had taught him about the importance of mindset, skillset and the action sets needed to achieve his life’s goals. John then got into the practice of creating different vision boards each containing different goals – like his dream house with a pool, a fancy car and other goals. He however forgot about these boards as years went by. In the year 2000, John had already achieved success by growing a few companies when he bought a beautiful home. John never saw a picture of the front of the house with the pool. While unpacking his boxes, his son came across a box containing his old vision boards and asked to see what was in it. As they were unpacking multiple vision boards of different dreams, they came across a board which contained a picture of his beautiful dream home. The picture on the vision board was that of the front of the very house with the pool they were in. He unintentionally bought the house on his vision board. 

Here’s a simple yet powerful technique you can use everday:

Every morning, when John brushes his teeth, he looks in the mirror where he has 2 notes:

1. The top 3 goals 

2. The vision for his life

He follows this technique every morning to prime his brain to move toward those goals. It takes his mind to feel what it would be like to achieve these goals and succeed. 

Today John teaches these techniques and more through his company – the Neurogym. Neurogym teaches you how to change your mind through evidence-based brain retraining techniques like Neuroplasticity as an example. Your brain has an amazing ability to lead you to reach your financial goals if you are committed enough to reach them by :

1. Clarity & Precision

By making your goals extremely clear by laying them out in written form.

2. Retraining your brain

By giving your brain regular opportunities to register these clear goals  into its unconscious parts.

How it works

Once these are done, your brain will make it a mission to guide you in a very similar manner as a guidance missile system. The vehicle your brain uses to take you toward your goals is through imaginations. This will take you to your targets  – your very clearly laid out goals. These are just a small portion of what Neurogym.

Do you want John Assaraf to help you with your business goals?

 If you are a business woman or a man looking for ways to grow your business, you may want to consider John Assaraf as a mentor because he is a proven mentor who has grown multiple business into multi-billion dollar empires. For example,, the company that John grew into a $30 million a year revenue, attracted more than 100,000 clients within a year. He has 35+ years of growing multi-million dollar businesses. Being a genius at lead generation, John has helped over 10000 entrepreneurs reach their business goals.

If you’re looking to take your business into the next level, then checkout the 5 day Business Breakthrough Challenge – a short 5 day powerful program by John Assaraf’s Neurogym. For a really small investment, John Assaraf takes you through the different techniques to change your business around to reach your financial goals. He takes you through various ‘neuro-marketing’  and ‘neuro-sales’ strategies that you can implement to attract more leads and sales. Here are posts from some students of John Assaraf on Neurogym’s Facebook page:

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John is someone who has more than made it in life. Today he provides his billion-dollar mentorship and marketing advice to people who are really committed to reaching their goals but don’t know how. Often, when content is given out for free, chances are many don’t take programs seriously. While he doesn’t need the money, the small financial payment is symbolic of your dedication, drive and hunger to reach your financial goals. This small investment could be the biggest investment into your life and future.


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